One-Of-A-Kind Personalised Memorial Card
A Fabangel personalised memorial card allows customers to interchange a weather durable card in and out of their unique FabAngel Holder. Here at FabAngels we have a memorial card for everyone and every occasion. Although a loved one is gone, we believe their life can still be celebrated.

Don’t miss another occasion, customize and cherish your FabAngels card today and brighten up your loved one’s special place.

Replacing old flowers for a fresh bunch at the grave? Why not slide in a fresh FabAngel card as well to commemorate your loved one

Choose & Customise Your FabAngel Card

FabAngel are constantly updating and releasing fresh new designs, be sure to check back and update your FabAngel holder with a new design in memory of your lost loved ones. We try to cover designs for all situations, please do contact us if you require a bespoke design and we will be happy to assist.