Our Story

Our story – FabAngels – A one of a kind personalised memorial card. choose from a wide variety of designs. Designs for everyone and every occasion.

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“Always have a dream of better times and do your best to make them come true” RAGS McGregor

The journey began with our dad’s passion for poetry, in his spare time he enjoyed the hobby of writing verses that reminded him of times gone by in his life. Upon the realization that his poetry was actually pretty good, he started creating personalised Birthday and occasions gifts to give to family and friends, and just like that Simply Words and Co was born. In the early days myself and my brother would assist our Dad at Car boot sales selling his framed poetry and doing the rounds at local gift stores in attempt to grow the business, looking back now though I think he just enjoyed our company.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

As Simply Words and Co matured, more and more requests were pouring in for memorial verses for Birthdays, Anniversary’s, Christmas and many more occasions. Realizing the hurt and pain accompanying each request, our dad felt he could really make a difference helping people with his verses and so he decided this was the way forward as not only did it help others, but he felt a great deal of satisfaction and pride after every sale. Simply Words and Co got rebranded as The Verse Studio and memorials became the companies focus.

A new company and a new sense of direction led to the business moving online, with this transition came an abundance of fresh innovative product ideas one of which was the “Occasions Memorial Plaque” a first of its kind and is now known the world over as a “FabAngel”.

“Every story has end, but in life every ending is a new beginning”

The loss of a loved one is universal to us all and sadly our dad passed away on the 19th of April 2018. This was a major shock to the family and totally turned our world upside down for the next 2 years that followed. As a result of the loss, the Verse Studio closed its doors for what we thought was the last time.

820 Days and a brotherly fishing trip later …The Verse Studio was re-established and renamed FabAngels, the name was chosen by our dad just months before he passed away. Reigniting our dads dream was no easy task, but like our Dad myself and my brother are both extremely ambitious and aim to help as many people as we can with FabAngels.

Our Story

Our story – FabAngels – A one of a kind personalised memorial card. choose from a wide variety of designs. Designs for everyone and every occasion.

“Memories are the key not to the past, but to the future”

Our mission is to continue to challenge the status quo of what the world perceives a memorial to be (granite, slate, stone with very little personal touch… and also ridiculously expensive) our aim is to bring a unique ecommerce shopping experience to our customers that gives them access to a whole portfolio of designs at their fingertips giving them the freedom to personalise their own FabAngel memorial that commemorates their loved one in a more personal way that really expresses the person they were in life. Using modern materials and modern technologies we will continue to revolutionize the memorial industry and help our customers celebrate their loved one’s life after death.